Monday, April 16, 2012

Guess who is he!

Can you guess him who is he the senior person of Koreja's family?
Write your answer in the comments section under the picture.
You can also get help from your friends and invite them to join this blog and guess this person.


1. Qazi ul Hajat Hazrat Peer Aaqil Muhammad Koreja RA.
2. Hazrat Khuda Bukhsh Koreja RA.
3. Hazrat Fakher Jahan Koreja RA.


  1. pata ni kon hn yeh itni achi ni hy mari history

  2. Iey Pic Qazi-ul-Hajat Hazrat Khawaja Aqil Muhammad Koreja RA.
    ki hy Ap Khawaja Noor Muhammad Muharvi RA. ky mureed e khas aur khalifa e majaz thy aur ap sy hi silsala Chishtia py Korejgan chalny lagy!